SASC remains closed for in-center activities…but still “open for business”  in the new year


Like those we serve, we long for a return to “normal” life and all the activities that make life more enjoyable in 2021.

Yet as COVID-19 continues to disproportionately threaten older people, the Scottville Area Senior Center (SASC), regrettably, remains closed for in-center activities. This decision was made very reluctantly, out of continued concern for the health of the vulnerable populations we serve. We have also temporarily suspended our county-wide services—homemaker, respite, and medical transportation—to safeguard both our clients and their aides and drivers.

All will be resumed as soon as we believe it is safe to do so. We cannot bear the possibility that we might provide a venue where our seniors are infected with the insidious virus. Yet, as we await the vaccines that provide so much hope, there is much we can do.

The SASC team is determined to remain “open for business,” in every way we can, to assist Mason County seniors. Members of the team will be at the center from 9 a.m. to at least 4 p.m. (and usually longer), Monday through Friday. We will continue to help people by phone (231-757-4705), and we encourage you to call. We will also use email and social media to provide information and assistance. We will continue publishing our monthly senior newsletter, “Active for Life,” and making regular calls to our seniors to check on their health and just to have a friendly chat.

Senior Meals-On-Wheels is still available throughout the county, through Mason County Central Food Services (231-757-4831). In addition, we will continue offering take-out lunches on request (Tue.-Thur.), and distributing food boxes when available. We still offer free medical equipment loans—wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and other items.

We are also offering craft kits, which seniors can pick up from the center and complete at home, based on hints from activities coordinator Mellissa Kissell and volunteer Jeannette Harris, who works with us courtesy of a cooperative programs with the AARP Foundation.

Virus cases and hospitalizations continue to mount in Mason County and elsewhere. Based on available health developments and advice, we continue to believe gathering for face-to-face indoor activities is too great a risk for the people we value so highly. While the cold weather has also forced us to suspend the series of classes and presentations we offered at the Riverside Park pavilion, we are actively recruiting people to participate in online exercise classes, craft demonstrations, and presentations via the Zoom Internet application. And we are happy to provide instruction on how to take advantage of features through the Zoom “app.”

We are thinking every day about when and how we can expand our services, until our full schedule is back in place. It was so enjoyable when we opened our doors again, with careful precautions, in the fall. We were sorry to have to close again after that brief resumption, but we quickly realized the surge in COVID cases heightened the risk to unacceptable levels and that risk persists into the new year.

Welcome to the Scottville Area Senior Center!

The Scottville Area Senior Center is located in the heart of downtown Scottville in West Michigan. Scottville is known for its friendly atmosphere, rural beauty, and the scenic Scottville Riverside Park along the Pere Marquette River.

Encouraging Independence

The Mission of the Scottville Area Senior Center is to provide in-home services to eligible seniors throughout Mason County, and to provide a congenial place for those on the “up side” of 50 to meet, enjoy weekday lunches, receive services and participate in activities that will enhance their dignity, support their independence and encourage their involvement in and with the community. The center has been in operation since 1973 as part of Mason County Central Schools. Scottville Area Senior Center is proudly serving Mason County.

Thank you! Funds to provide services are received through:

  • Senior Millage, approved by Mason County voters
  • Area Agency on Aging of Western MI, Inc.
  • United Way
  • Private Donations
  • Fundraisers


SASC Team Members

Bill Kerans – Director

Kellie Argue – Caseworker

Mellissa Kissell-Activities Coordinator

Dottie Reed – Services Director

Sharon Bailey – MMAP Counselor