The center is now fully open and we are excited to have our guests back and to welcome new  guests to our center. We are looking forward to getting back to all of our activities and adding a few more into the mix.


Lunch will still be pre-plated, with no salad bar yet, but the 2 person per table limit has been lifted.


We have kept time slots and center availability as it was before the shut down for all of the groups and activities here in the center. Any after hours clubs, activities, or meetings will still need to have an employee volunteer to be in attendance. Our new activities calendar will be posted earlier than the July newsletter on Facebook and printouts will be available in the center. Ladies coffee, walking group, A matter of balance, and a few new activities will be on the new schedule. If you have any questions about any groups or activities, call the center. 757-4705.


Summer Celebration cookout: July 16th with burgers, games, and ice cream sundaes.

Fall festival cookout: Sometime after Labor Day.

Monthly giveaway fundraisers: Starting in July. Prizes will be announced at the beginning of each month.