SASC Reopening no later than May 3

The Scottville Area Senior Center (SASC) will again welcome visitors for in-center activities and lunch no later than Monday, May 3. The center will reopen for the first time since the coronavirus fall surge caused the SASC to close for the second time since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

We are very excited to welcome our guests back after these long, hard months of separation. Our goal is to be as sure as these uncertain times allow, that when we open- this time it will be a permanent resumption of in center activities.

The reopening for guests was preceded by resumption of the center’s county- wide in-home and medical transportation programs. The services resumed on a limited basis in late February, and quickly expanded as more aids and volunteer drivers completed their vaccinations to protect their clients and themselves. Team members who had not been vaccinated were still able to help clients who had completed their shots.

While things are much different than we’re used to, we are following guidance from health experts and other advisors to keep everyone as safe as possible. Staying open will depend on keeping our guests healthy and avoiding Covid-19 infections. Here are some of the key changes.

*There is a new opening time of 9:00 am.¬†Staff will usually be on site earlier to prepare for the day’s activities, but the door will not open until 9:00 am.

*Access is limited, for now, to a single door (the main rear entrance). The reception desk has been relocated to this entrance. A hand sanitizing station, sign in sheet, and a touchless temperature reading are provided.

*Guests ae asked to call ahead for reservations (757-4705) for activities and meals. Participation limits will be observed and we don’t want to have to disappoint people who arrive without reservations, only to find we are at capacity.

*Masks cover both mouth and nose are required during all activities (modified while eating) to keep everyone as safe as possible. physical distancing of at least 6 feet is requested at all times. both hand-washing and hand sanitizer will be encouraged frequently during visits.

*Capacity will be to 10 people per room/activity area.

*COVID-19 vaccination is highly recommended- but not required. All staff have received their vaccinations. We will not be checking to see if our guests have been vaccinated-that’s one reason it’s so important¬† to continue to observe health safety precautions.

Lunch protocols: Two designated seating spots per large table (separated as far as possible); one person only at smaller tables in overflow room. Lunches will be the same as home-delivered meals (see page 3), and will be served by staff after diners are seated. Packaged salt and pepper and plastic utensils will be included. Masks can be pulled down below chin or attached to clothing while actively eating (of course), then replaced for table conversation Please do not lay masks on table. We will not have a salad bar or lunch line.

Quick reference summary for SASC reopening

Resuming immediately

Among the initial activities offered, with a 10- person limit, are:

  • exercize classes
  • quilting and sewing
  • crafts
  • bingo
  • shuffleboard
  • pool
  • wii bowling

Also, small group meetings, including:

  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (+ other kinship caregivers)
  • Parkinson’s support group
  • book club
  • life story writing
  • painting
  • speacial presentations on health and other topics in order to accommodate as many activities as possible, while still maintaining health precautions, the days, times and locations of some events have temporarily changed.

On hold for now:

  • travel
  • cards and table games
  • dancing
  • puzzles
  • groups of more than 10 people

Meeting outside normal center hours (9 am to 430 pm) can be scheduled, but only if a staff member is able to attend and all safety precautions are observed.