We offer three main services for all qualified Mason County Seniors. (Read below for details on each program.)

  • Homemaker Program

  • Volunteer Medical Transportation Program

  • Respite Care

Homemaker Program

Housekeeping services are available for qualifying Mason County Senior Citizens, 60 years or older, with functional limitations, who need assistance to maintain an adequate living environment. Social and emotional support may also be offered along with other allowable tasks. Services include one or more of the following:

  • Laundry
  • Meal Preparation
  • Shopping for necessities
  • Light housekeeping tasks

Our Homemaker Program is a free service to Senior Citizens of Mason County. Funding is provided by:

  • Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan
  • Mason County Millage
  • Private Donations

Homemaker: If you are unable to do your normal household tasks, you can call us and request a Homemaker Aide. This service is ongoing as long as there is a need. We come into the home for two hours every other week and do chores that are difficult for the client to do. Most often older adults find vacuuming and mopping the most needed services. The homemaker aide usually also cleans the bathroom, changes the bed and cleans up the kitchen. There is no charge for this service.

All Homemaker Aids are required to pass a Michigan criminal background check before being employed and receive ongoing training throughout the year to ensure they are providing services properly.

Volunteer Medical Transportation Program

This program offers qualifying Senior Citizens of Mason County (60 years and older) a ride to and from necessary medical appointments including:

  • Doctor Visits
  • Hospital Visits
  • Medical Tests
  • Vision and Dental Appointments

This is a door-to-door transportation program that utilizes volunteers, using their own private vehicles. Each driver has a Michigan Criminal Background Check performed, as well as a thorough driving record check before they are allowed to transport any clients. Vehicle inspections, driving record checks and visual checks of insurance and registration are performed annually.

Transportation is provided locally and up to a 100 mile radius from Mason County. This program is for those who do not qualify for assistance through another agency and have no other resources or assistance.

Transportation through the Scottville Senior Center is a free service to Senior Citizens of Mason County and is funded through:

  • Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan
  • Mason County Millage
  • United Way of Mason County
  • Private Donations

Respite Care

Respite: When a senior is responsible for the day to day care of their spouse, parent or other loved one it is important that he/she takes care of themselves as well as the care recipient. The Scottville Senior Center can provide a Respite Aide for four hours a week so that the caregiver can have some relief from the day-to-day care of their loved one. During this time you can rest at home, do errands or visit friends. While you are out, your loved one will also get some relief in the form of a new person in his/her life. We find that most of the time a caregiver will wait to ask for help when they are almost too tired to take advantage of this service. So, if you are a caregiver give us a call and let us help you out while you enjoy this service.

There is sometimes a cost share amount for Respite based on a sliding fee scale dependent on income and liquid assets. Most people qualify for free Respite Care.

For more information about the Homemaker Program, Volunteer Medical Transportation Program, and Respite Care, please contact Dottie Reed at (231) 757-4705.